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Willkommen im Shop von Hersh Bikes


HERSH was founded in 2009 with the opening of a shop in Riva del Garda and of the main office in Como.

HERSH entered the bike market only with the so-called “standard top” frames: high quality frames, however like all the ones already available on the market. It was difficult for the customer to understand the advantage of buying HERSH, the market was seeking something different: the IDEAL FRAME in terms of quality, performance, graphics and customization. Today THAT’S HERSH.

HERSH is high performance, custom made in Italy frames with long life warranty – sole proprietorship.

It’s not easy to explain what is HERSH: HERSH frames need to be tried and compared to the others to understand why they are different. Ride HERSH and you’ll catch the difference!

HERSH is growing, arousing curiosity and… the best is yet to come!